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Business Development Skills- Ponnusamy Karthik

Successful Business Development Path Of NFBD Chairman Mr. Ponnusamy Karthik

“ Where there is a will, there is a way “…….. the constant urge of

the Chairman Mr. Ponnusamy Karthik towards innovative ideas, initiatives and activities for making his business the best one always brings in more revenue with proper business expansion.

Right Man For The Right Job-Business Development

Mr. Ponnusamy Karthik is a well-versed person with expertise and knowledge of businesses, enabling him to function as a very good Business developer for his company.

  • He is very much capable to include value-add to the business growth with innovative ideas, initiatives and activities which can contribute its best to the Business Development
  • As a very good Business Developer, he is very prompt in implementing strategies and find out new opportunities to promote growth and boost
  • He always excels in his high level of decision-making based on a realistic assessment of all potential changes and their
  • He is an expert in exploring the available new opportunities in the external markets to introduce efficiencies in internal business.

The Kudos To His Excellence

  • Ponnusamy Karthik is a person with an open mindset.
  • He is a person with a willingness for an honest and realistic self-assessment
  • He is a person capable to accept failures with a sportive
  • He is a person with a bright mind ready to accept and accommodate change to get the best
  • He is a person of a high level of risk-taking
  • He is a well-versed person and got very good recognition for his motivational speech in YouTube.

Potential Pitch For Effective Business Development

Mr. Ponnusamy Karthik’s potential pitch for effective business development is

  • Perfect branding
  • Market Expansion
  • New user acquisition
  • Creating awareness

And his Business development plan has

  • Clear and perfect business objectives
  • Means to achieve the objectives
  • Start-up cost
  • Targeted

He adopts the following procedure for his business development

  1. Raise visibility and awareness
  2. Conduct extensive market research
  3. Promote exemplary customer service
  4. Quality leads to pass to sales
  5. Promote thought leadership

His 4 growth strategies to expand business are

  1. Market penetration
  2. Product development
  3. Market Expansion
  4. Market diversification

  • Seek new opportunities to promote growth and increase brand
  • Regularly updating Blogs, Videos, and Social media posts in an innovative and impressive
  • Promotes the business on social media networks and Keeps the website content fresh
  • Hosting regular meetings and maintaining open lines of communication within the departments of the company which will give a good impact to
  • Developing the employees with needed new skills.
  • Abreast the employees of changes in strategy, technology, and market condition that are constantly
  • Develop new approaches to attract the targeted customer
  • Keep up and maintain excellent customer support and service.

The Yield For A Successful Business Development Plan & Procedure

Business Development Skills- Ponnusamy Karthik
  • With his proper Business development plan, he handled 35 + projects of multiple nature like.. Resorts, Textile and garments, Supermarket, Restaurants, Bakery, Coffee & Tea Shop, Transport businesses, Male & Female Accessories, and Malls in addition to Namma family Pollachi Ilaneer
  •  Namma Family Pollachi Ilaneer is one of the leading exporters and suppliers of Tender Coconut to U.S. DUBAI, United Kingdom and all over
  • Namma family Builder& Developer and Private Limited is excellently handling varied projects in Real Estate Industry across Tamil nadu, Kerala and
  • As a Successful INVESTOR, he is well known for his best investment Analysis with risk factors and his capability
  • to investigate and implement the best Investment Strategies.
  • He Coimbatore and Kodaikanal, Yercaud, and Ooty projects are the successfully completed recent.

The Projects In The Pipeline

His Current focus is in Kerala due to the constant approach of Kerala

  • Project Management for elite clients in Kerela
  • Proper Application of Investment Tactics for business in Kerala

Here is a plan to do minimum of 110 projects across for clients with quality metrics and on-time project completion with good


  • His constant urge for success and growth with the proper business development plan and procedure will get many more kudos to the NFBD Chairman Mr. Ponnusamy
  • He a well-versed person and he got very good recognition for his motivational speech in YouTube
  • He is a person of nature to convert the obstacles on his path as stepping stones to
  • Here will be a permanent place for him in the Successful Entrepreneur

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