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7 Best Ideas For Real Estate Business In India - Ponnusamy Karthik

7 Best Ideas For Real Estate Business In India

What Is a Real Estate Business?

  • Real estate means property, which contains buildings and old lands joined with the natural resources in it like water, organic things and minerals.
  • It contains the interest placed in the property and more quality, mention to properties and housing. It is a legal term that is used in authority where the starting of the legal property is common law.
  • A real estate is a business of buying, exchanging and hiring out buildings, housing and lands.
  • A real estate company is also allowed to capture investment, Development and management of Buildings and housing lands.

Steps To Start In Real Estate Business

1. Get License And Certification

ecs fssi certificate
  • First of all, if you want to start a real estate agent in some place, you will need a license. The necessity varies in each and every state, however, there are a few common rules and regulations.
  • Basically, you want to have some limitations behind you.
  • In many states, you need industry experience to start a real estate business. It means working as a property manager for 1 year to get a licence. There are also limitations to prove you are a good and fit person to get a licence, so this generally includes a police enquiry and can even  share evidence of your financial status.
  • So, check for the full limitations in your state before planning your real estate business.

2. Create a Business Plan

7 Best Ideas For Real Estate Business In India - Ponnusamy Karthik
  • A business plan is always important to opening any new places. When you need to start a real estate business in a market, you want to decrease the risks, the budget, expected salary, and what you want to get started. Your plan should appraise for everything.
  • A good business plan gives a good picture of the projections for your business, so it’s a great thing to keep you on track.

3. Conduct Market Research:

Market Research - Ponnusamy Karthik
  • Major businesses benefit very much from market research. And it’s an ongoing process throughout the life of the company. You may use market research to find chances, places of improvement and steps to develop your market share. But in the starting stages of business, research is about testing the possibility of your real estate business.
  • The best matter is, All the research you develop now will form part of your marketing plan. You will already have the collection you want to open, developing your business through entirely the right channels, targeting the good customer.

4. Organize Your Finances

7 Best Ideas For Real Estate Business In India - Ponnusamy Karthik
  • Lot of capital is not necessary to start a real estate business.
  • You will consider a property loan, looking for external developers, going to a partnership to finance the setup. When you approach banks, vendors, you’ll need your business to develop.

5. Choosing Your Business Location

7 Best Ideas For Real Estate Business In India - Ponnusamy Karthik
  • When working in real estate, it’s more effective if you will maintain your work to a particular location. Generally this could be close to your house because it is much easier.
  • You have a personal connection and sighting into the surrounding area. Decreasing travel costs time and decreases expenses. It’s good to select a place that has many real estate activities in the market.

6. Develop a Marketing Idea 

7 Best Ideas For Real Estate Business In India - Ponnusamy Karthik

It is one word to know how to start a real estate business, but it is another to basically property it effectively. And Again, your property research may inform some of the important decisions you construct about marketing, but it is worth exploring  options.

  1. Social media
  2. Online advertisement
  3. Radio/TV advertising
  4. Video marketing
  5. Tele-calling
  6. Email marketing

These ideas aren’t complete, but it shows you all the approaches to capture your audience’s attention.

7. Create a Website

7 Best Ideas For Real Estate Business In India - Ponnusamy Karthik
  • Your website is more important for your real estate business because it’s the best thing you have to attract sellers and develop interest from customers.
  • A well-performing website is not always low, however, there are methods to set up with low level costs.

Best Tips For Starting a Real Estate Business 

  • It is no longer top secret that you will make money by doing a real estate company.
  • Though, you will not be famous with the super good method to apply when starting out

1.Housing Flip

  • It contains buying and selling trouble properties, matching as like as updating them previous to you selling them for profit.
  • Though, you will not obtain continual money flow from the house, you will make big, first-time profits. You may also do it as a part time place.

2.Large scale Houses

  • You will have large scale properties by positioning a property below the contract at an offer, then grant the contract to another organization at an addition.
  • The gain created by the wholesaler is the difference between the price reduced with the true seller and the money the buyer pays

3.Property Management

  • You do not have to be a property holder to produce money in the real estate business. Opening a property management company will be profitable and scalable.
  • This details holding maintenance and keep as well as fee gathering and rejections on behalf of property owners.

3. Funding Broker

  • It is basically a frame of reference business that you will start by producing a list of fund sources, like as hard money vendors, private money vendors and usual mortgage vendors and constructing a pay by sending them clients.
  • You will originate and work with business developers looking to fund their deals.


It involves finding best deals for real estate developers to get a flat-rate amount or a percentage of the total deal.

 5. Real Estate Photography

It involves developing photos for property sellers and land holders. The images are most used for online property recording on the Multiple Listing Service.

Best Methods to Start a Property Business with No Capital

  • You have improved a positive attitude and mindset where you believe, are loving that you can become a victorious real estate developer, and you have also taught the basics of real estate investing. you were ready to launch into the real estate property world even with no capital.
  • Here are some essential steps to start a property dealing business with no money in your hand—idea you will learn and transfer in other industries:

1. Partner With An Investor

  • Fixing a lender as your partner will open floodgates of new chances for shooting real estate developers. So, if you found the best property for investment but you don’t have funds to close that deal, you will always look for somebody with the finances and satisfy them to invest the amount and help you in finishing that deal.
  • Some mediators already want to invest the amount in real estate business, but they either don’t want to handle the whole management tasks connected to the property of investment.
  • You will become a partner with such a vendor and accomplish your goal of running a victorious real estate business, when the investors get a free opportunity to invest in real estate.

2. Sell Property on Behalf of Developers:

  • If you have without money and are still looking for chances to open your own real estate business.
  • Latest housing and residential properties keep coming up in the business. You will contact investors and sign a contract to trade their properties for a cut of the sale amount.
  • Using this idea, you may select to publish and sell the investor’s properties and get a group on every closed deal. The committee may vary from property to property and also depending on the type of land sold.
  • All commissions earned for buying high rate properties are much higher when compared to the budget division properties, so you want to target the maximum-end properties.
  • You will easily search and find high level property developers online in your local area.

3. Sign-Up for Rent-to-Own Investments

  • Another way to start the property dealing work without an amount is through rent-to-own-investment. Some people used their lease agreement as a starting path for the property estate company.
  • In case, the developer signs the sell option while renting the property. It means that the renter will purchase the property at a separate time, as per the terms mentioned in the rental agreement.
  • By following this step the investor will lock the promising property and still keep on looking for other new choices.


  • Real estate business deals are a very profitable business. The ways listed above can help you enter this line of property even if you have without capital. But recall that entry is only the first way up the real estate success ladder.
  • How your business develops and succeeds depends in big part on your hard work and your strong ability to recognize the good chances and take appropriate action accordingly.

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