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Importance of sustainable development in 2024 - Ponnusamy Karthik

Importance of sustainable development in 2024

The total scenero in the real estate sector is getting changed in the last 5 years. It is due to lot of day-by-day developments. Family factors and social factors impact are great in the purchase decision. They create a harmonious and enduring relationship between humanity and the natural world. The people give more weightage to the importance of Sustainable development.

Sustainable development is very important concept for Good Health. And also for the well-being of our planet. It ensures healthy lives as well as promotes the well-being of our future generations.

Sustainability means meeting the needs of today’s. At the same time without compromising the needs of future generations.,  

Sustainable development is a long-term perspective. The importance of Sustainable development is for the quality life of people. It protects the natural resources and avoids environmental degradation.

Importance of sustainable development

  • Supports the well-being of individuals and communities.
  • Minimizes the depletion of natural resources.
  • Promotes a better economy with little waste and proper checks on pollution levels.
  • Prevents Global warming.
  • Maintains the ecological balance
  • Prevents degradation of the environment
  • Protect the environment.
  • Prevents overexploitation of resources.
  • Strengthen community bonds
  • Provide hope for a better future.
  • improves the quality of human life.

The importance of Sustainable development is retaining the environment properly. And the future generation are able to meet their own demands.

Better survival of our societies in a well planned sustainable world

Sustainable development promote strategies

  • Meet human needs
  • Avoid the exhausting natural resources (or)
  • Avoid environmental degradation.

The importance of Sustainable development encourage a perfect today’s life. It also enhance a better life of tomorrow. The people can enjoy the present needs . At the sametime without compromising the chances for future generations. 

Essential steps required for Sustainable development

  • Planting trees to help protect the environment. Life on land gets improved. (Advocate for Conservation of land and water)
  • Stopping the useage of plastic bags to keep the oceans clean. Life below water gets balanced.
  • Practicing Waste Reduction and Recycling
  • Adapting Crop rotation and Supporting Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Developing Wind energies.
  • Developing Solar energies.
  • Doing Sustainable construction.
  • Using efficient water fixtures.
  • Cultivating Green spaces.
  • Retaining Sustainable forestries.
  • Encouraging companies to focus on reducing their carbon footprints. And also packaging waste, water usage, and other damage to the environment.
  • Embracing Renewable Energy
  • Educating and spreading Awareness.

The importance of Sustainable development enhances the Environmental qualities.

Environmental qualities such as

  • Cleanliness
  • Pollution
  • Avoiding crime.

The importance of Sustainable development is realized for Structural characteristics. The Structural characteristics

  • Building age
  • Square feet
  • Garage space

Sustainability is an act of facing current and future global environment challenges and also other challenges.

A Balance Between Man and Nature As Well As Economy.

Sustainable development create a balance between the economic, environmental and social needs.

The importance of Sustainable development is preserving the environment, and natural resources along with a balanced social and economic equality .

The positive externalities required are the areas with

  • Green spaces and anthropic lakes
  • The proximity to the public transport
  • The proximity to the employment
  • The proximity to the educational institutions and commercial areas.

Through The importance of Sustainable development humanity can improve the quality of life for all people, now and then into the future.

The importance of Sustainable development beters the standards of living

  • By preserving human health
  • By maintaining the environment
  • By using available resources well
  • By progressing long-term economic competitiveness.

The Challenges To Be Overcomed By Sustainable Development

  • The negative externalities come from the noise in the air traffic rail, road and air , the crime in the area.
  • The environmental hazards – proximity to hazordous lands, places.
  • Political instability within the Country and also between nations. It occurs due to conflicts.
  • Poor Infrastructure facilities.
  • High level of poverty.
  • High level of unemployment.
  • Poor Economic Growth
  • Unpredictable Climatic changes.

Sustainable Development Gets Higher Recognition And Higher Return On Investment

  • The properties with good environmental features have higher recognition in society. They fetch higher economic returns.
  • The more inclination towards
  1. The green house
  2. Focus on eco-friendly
  3. Energy-reduction features are essential.
  • A home that is situated in a good neighbour hood would be highly preferable. The households are willing to pay more for the houses with good indoor and outdoor environment qualities.
  • The importance of Sustainable development is realized to upgrade the places. And the residents live together for a common interest.
  • The house builders are forced to design and enhance the relaxation. The gardens and play area for supporting social sustainability and social purposes.
  • The new technologies and innovations towards sustainability are good.
  • The occupants want both the environmental and community benefits.
  • It is always better to choose an ideal neighbour hood with proximity to
  1. simple public transportation based on your daily routine
  2. employment location
  3. the necessity for decent schools for children.
  • The people prefer the sustainable management of the building environment
  1. in the form of kitchen’s waste treatment system
  2. use of energy-saving lamps
  3. the building with waste sorting.
  • The buyers realized the importance of Sustainable development. They prefer to purchase those apartments and villas of effective waste management facility. That have a good structure or appearance , that have high security, that have individual parking space, that have a compound wall, that have a good space for gardening and that have a good play area for children.
  • The house builders have to enhance
  1. the sense of togetherness among the people
  2. improve their social well-being through an effective neighbhour hood.
  • The people realized the importance of Sustainable development. There is an growing willingness to pay for the houses in sustainable neighbhourhood.
  • Nowadays the house builders realized the importance of Sustainable development. They design houses for sustainable living in tandem with the government’s efforts to “ go green “.


  • Through Sustainable development, humanity can improve the quality of life. For all people, now and then into the future.
  • Provide the future generations with healthy, strong, and vibrant global communities.
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment. By minimizing pollution and waste, also works towards reducing the global carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable development aims to promote good strategies. Those strategies should meet human needs. At the same time without exhausting natural resources or causing environmental degradation.
  • The builders recognized the growing market demand for sustainable living.
  • Finally it will maintain a balance between man and nature as well as the economy.

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