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Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

List Of 11 Sea Food Names With Pictures

What Is Seafood

There are tens of thousands of marine species on Earth, with many types of seafood. It includes edible aquatic animals and excludes mammals. It includes both marine life and freshwater life. Coming to the Sea food names, fish and shellfish are both big. Nowadays everyone is focusing on seafood. Shellfish include shellfish, mollusks, and echinoderms. Sea food names are generally distinguished from meat but are excluded from the vegetarian diet because it is an animal protein.

List The Sea food Names

1. Salmon Fish

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Salmon fish is a species of ray-finned fish belonging to the Salmonidae family. This type of fish is native to the North Atlantic in the Pacific Ocean, but nowadays it can be found all over the world due to the increasing number of farms. These fish have attractive orange and pink flesh and some have white flesh. The fish has a unique and consistent taste. Salmon fish is very healthy for the body. Omega 3 fatty acids, copper, vitamins, and minerals help reduce the risk of cancer and promote heart health. This type of sea food names is said to be one of the healthiest foods in the world.

2. Trout

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Trout are closely related to salmon, but there are many differences between these fishes. Trout fish belongs to a type of freshwater fish. It is mostly found in rivers and lakes. It prefers cold water. This fish is wide with various colors and shapes. This fish is pink in color and has no spines on its fins. This fish is low in fat and ideal for a low-calorie diet. It is a tasty oily fish, they are very tasty.

3. Freshwater eel

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Eels can generally live well in both fresh and salt water. It looks like a snake with a long body, long nose, and caudal, but it is a type of fish. Eels are ray-finned fish with about 700 species. Freshwater fish have soft and medium structures, so their structure is different. Eels are good to eat, but their blood is very poisonous, so they should be cooked to get rid of the poison.

4. Octopus

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Octopus is a soft-bodied creature with many long arms. Octopus is one of the largest food species. The hands and other sides can be cut in small quantities as food. People generally eat cooked food. These octopuses have a lobster-like structure. It is full of vitamins, potassium, and Phosphorus. Selenium is most abundant in the head.

5. Prawns

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Prawns are one of the most widely used sea food names in many parts of the world. Prawns are marine animals and are freshwater creatures. Remove the veins, shell, tail, and head from them. They can be boiled, boiled, and baked. If cooked properly, the prawns will be soft and firm. These are used to make the paste in Southeast Asian countries.

6. Sea food Names - Lobster

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Prawns generally have a long body with many legs and claws. Prawns vary in color. Their flesh is white in color and soft. After cooking, the prawns are thick and beautiful, and soft to eat. It has a sweet taste. The shell should be broken before cooking, and you can see good meat on the claws. These usually live on dark ground.

7. Jellyfish

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Not all jellyfish are edible fish. Edible jellyfish are low in calories and fat and high in protein and minerals. Jellyfish are an important ingredient in many recipes. These fish are preferred raw or cooked in many cuisines in East and Southeast Asia. Commercial jellyfish can be eaten as a snack. Jellyfish do not have brains, but they are intelligent. These types of fish are found in all the oceans of the world. Jellyfish is one of the oldest marine sea food names in the world.

8. Barbounia

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Barbounia is one of two species of red urchin in the Goatfish family. This fish is found in the eastern Atlantic in the Mediterranean Sea. It inhabits sandy and muddy areas and has a red body with pale pink flesh. The firm flesh of this fish is widely noted for its creamy texture. This fish is very tasty.

9. Sea food Names - Soupia

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Soupia is a common cuttlefish marine mollusk. Soupia is Greek and is found in the Mediterranean Sea in Greece. They are said to emit brown ink. Sea mollusks, Soupia, have been used in traditional cuisine since ancient times. Their meat is renowned for its flavor and texture.

10. Sea food Names - Pacific bluefin tuna

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Pacific bluefin tuna is one of the most popular types of fish in Japan. It is costly and prices go up unimaginably in fish markets. This fish is usually used raw in dishes like sushi and sashimi. This fish is very tender and rich in fat and butter. This bluefin tuna is strong and produces a good flavor.

11. Sea food Names - Sydney rock oyster

Sea Food Names With Pictures - Ponnusamy Karthik

Sydney rock oysters have the ability to keep their shells closed for long periods of time. They have a natural ability to live in an intermediate state. This ability allows them to retain freshness from water when harvested. They have soft and dense shells with small teeth on the inner edge of the shell near the hinge. It is light in color. This type of fish is grown in bays change entrances. It can be made with lemon juice and pepper. This fish can be made in many seeds like roasting, or boiling. They are very soft and have good taste.

How nutritious is seafood?

Sea food names such as fish and shellfish, salmon, and shrimp are rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc and selenium, and protein. These help our body to build healthy bones and improve immunity like calcium. Seafood is rich in vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, sardines, oysters, and trout fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

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