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12 Benefits Of Coconut Leaf

What are Coconut Leaf?

  • The Coconut Leaf on the coconut tree are also known as verbal. When sprouting, these leaves are of a nice green color and then turn dark green after growing.
  • These leaves have many benefits. They are used for our medicine and for making other handicrafts.
  • These leaves are used in broom and toy making. Let us look at all the benefits and products of coconut leaf below.

Important Properties of Coconut Leafocus on the customer’s needs.

1. Length and Durability: These leaves grow very long. It grows up to 6 meters on average. They are very durable and these leaves are useful for weaving.

2. Flexible: This straw is firm yet flexible and can be easily bent while making handicrafts.

3. Waterproof: It is water resistant, protecting the thatched house dwellers from rain. It is water-repellent.

4. Durability: These leaves last for many days. The leaves resist rotting and help the leaves last for years when used in fencing and houses.

5. Simplicity: These leaves are easy to carry around and work with.

Many benefits of Coconut Leaf:

1. Thatched houses: You can build nice and beautiful thatched homes out of coconut tree leaves. A house can be built by putting the leaves together and then stacking them individually.

2. Cooking: Steamed foods can be covered with these leaves to enhance their taste.

3. Treatment: In ancient times these leaves were used for ailments like fever, headache, and diarrhea.

4. Decoration: These leaves are used as decorative toran in many festivals and auspicious ceremonies and this toran is built in front of everyone’s house during all kinds of festivals.

5. Handicrafts: These leaves are used to make a variety of woven baskets, mats, hats, and some decorative items.

6. Agriculture: These leaves are used as good mulch for nature. They provide many nutrients to the land and improve the soil quality.

7. Animal fodder: Many times these leaves are used as fodder for goats and cattle etc. These leaves are rich in fiber.

Coconut Leaf Medicinal properties :

Decoction of leaves:

After boiling leaves in water and drinking the decoction after straining, it helps in various diseases like fever, stops diarrhea, lowers high blood pressure, dissolves kidney stones, and controls blood levels in diabetes.


A decoction made from these leaves is applied on the forehead to relieve headaches.

Uses of Coconut Leaf

  • In many countries like India and Indonesia, the core of Coconut Leaf is used to make brooms.
  • The green leaves from these are removed and the veins in the middle are gathered together and used to make a broom.
  • Its leaves are used as baskets and for drawing water from wells and are woven into arrows and cooking slips and Beach rugs.
  • After drying these leaves are burnt to ash and harvested for lime. These are mainly used to protect us from the sun in places like beaches and deserts to create shade and to protect us from the rain by weaving the leaves together to make a raincoat.
  • This method has been done since ancient times. These leaves are not only helpful to humans but also one of the favorite foods of elephants.


  • These leaves help us in many ways. They can be used to make various handicrafts such as luxury rugs, beach rugs, raincoats, toys, arrows, brooms, and baskets. During ancient times, they used to build houses on leaves that were prepared by weaving these leaves.
  • A decoction of these leaves is used for various medicinal properties. They are used as food for elephants.
  • Boiling them and taking a bath relieves muscle pain. This helps in various causes.

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