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Top 10 Coconut Water Benefits for Skin

Coconut Water Benefits for Skin

There are always lot of high-end, expensive products are available in the market to keep our skin healthy. Using natural remedies is the best choice also it is an long term  solution to keep our skin healthy. One of the natural remedies is using coconut water for skin. The coconut water can be used as a natural replacement for other artificial skincare products or medical treatments.

Coconut Water benefits for skin has become a more popular health trend in recent years. Nowadays coconut water benefits for skin has become increasingly more popular in the world due to its rich amount of vitamins, minerals content. And also Coconut Water benefits for skin of It’s hydrating, detoxifying properties are great. The coconut water has a good amount of beneficial effect on our skin, hair, and body.

Versatility of Coconut water

Coconut water is a clear liquid. One of the factor for coconut water’s popularity is its versatility. Coconut water is more than just a drink and it has a variety of healthy properties. Some of the Coconut Water benefits for skin are listed below

    • It is naturally sweet and healthy alternative to sports drinks and soda. It is famous for its refreshing taste.

    • It has good medicinal properties. The direct consumption of coconut water may help boost vitamin, electrolyte, and mineral levels in the body, increasing hydration for your body.

    • It is also low in calories, carbohydrates, It is an appealing choice for health-conscious consumers.

    • It can be added to smoothies, cocktails and also in cooking meals, like coconut rice.

    • It offers major benefits when directly applied topically to the skin. It is a great beauty ingredient.

Coconut Water For Skin - A Great Idea.

Coconut Water benefits for skin are really amazing. Coconut  water  benefits for skin is well recognised for its hydrating and moisturizing benefits. This is due to the presence of abundant amount of natural vitamins and minerals. Coconut water can be applied topically on the skin.

Drinking coconut water enhance skin health, offering a natural and effective solution for various skin concerns. Coconut water can be consumed directly as food and also can be directly applied to our skin. Both are beneficial in many ways.The studies done on topical application of coconut water for skin reveals the following benefits

Enhance Natural Glow. - Give Skin A Visible Glow and Increase Skin Hydration and Elasticity

Coconut water helps in hydrating and moisturising our skin also give our skin a natural glow.

Coconut water is rich in electrolytes that keeps ourselves properly hydrated. It hydrate our skin to overall improved health that can translate to our skin. Staying hydrated is crucial to avoid adverse dry and  itchy skin effects

A good balance of electrolytes in the body keeps us properly hydrated. It helps in the replenishment of lost fluids and minerals during exercise.

The list of electrolytes is as below

  1. Sodium
  2. potassium
  3. calcium
  4. Magnesium

Tightening Our Pores

Coconut water will help in tightening our pores. Freezed coconut water cubes can be rubbed on our face every time we cleanse our face. It will help in tightening our large and open pores. It act as a refreshing toner, helping to soothe and balance the skin’s pH levels. It will help in minimising our open pores.

Nourish and Moisturize Dry Skin

Coconut water nourish and moisturize dry skin when applied topically, because it contains multiple sugars and  amino acids.( According to Dr. Marie Hayag, New York City) Coconut water helps to nourish and moisturize dry skin when applied topically. Multiple sugars and amino acids are present in coconut water.

Coconut water rich in electrolytes can penetrate the skin and provides skin with much-needed moisture. Coconut water has cytokinins, which helps to control cell growth and repair damage to cells.

Healthy and Soft Skin - Improves Skin Elasticity

The vitamin C, K and A in coconut water helps to stimulate collagen production for plumper and healthier-looking skin. Their antioxidants and hydrating properties keep our skin healthy, glowing and soft.

It can be used in different facial packs to remove sun-tan. Our adequately hydrated skin remains more plump and lush to maintain a healthy glow.

A Natural Face Toner - Improves Skin Tone and Soothes Sunburned Skin.

Chilled coconut water acts like a natural face toner and helps in calming down tanned and sunburned skin.  Soothes sunburned skin by providing it with the nutrients the skin needs to facilitate healing. It heal and calm down sun-burnt skin.

We can definitely use raw coconut water on our face for a refreshing and a hydrating feeling. It  keep our skin hydrated without excess oil formation. It lighten our skin without irritation or any kind of damage. It protects against sun damage. The Vitamin C of coconut water is a natural skin brightener. This natural face toner also helps in skin lightening

Controls Sebum Production

Coconut water  is a natural moisturiser. It has astringent properties that control sebum production. It  keeps our skin oil-free and non-greasy.

Healing and Preventing Acne - Fights Acne

Detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties and lauric acid of coconut water helps in fighting acne issues ( acne scarring, skin pigmentation, or dark patches). We can apply coconut water to heal and prevent our skin from  acne.

Removes toxins

The deep cleansing properties of coconut water flushes out toxins and other impurities from our skin. It may help to treat eczema (a skin condition that involves skin inflammation, itchiness, swelling and cracked skin).

Anti-Ageing Benefits and Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Increase Collagen Production

The anti-ageing benefits of coconut water helps to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging from our skin. The natural vitamins and minerals in coconut water helps our skin to restore and replenish itself.

The specific protein cytokines of coconut water promotes faster cell growth and makes our skin tone even. This cytokine protein keeps your skin looking younger for a long time.

The cytokinins reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting cell division and regeneration. Also, the antioxidants of coconut water can help to fight free radicals which can cause the skin to age faster.

The coconut water for skin encourage collagen production through vitamin C and slow down the aging of our skin. The coconut water benefits for skin helps with cell turnover and prevents wrinkles.

Coconut water has phytohormone called kinetin, which may also provide anti-aging and antioxidant effects.

The lauric acid of coconut water  helps in fighting against skin infections.

The cytokinins reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting cell division and regeneration. The antioxidants in coconut water can help fight free radicals to avoid aging.

Reduces Dark Circles and Puffiness

Coconut water contains potassium content of coconut water reduce fluid retention and puffiness. The dark circles and puffiness under the eyes can be reduced  with coconut water.

Excellent Hydrating Cleanser

Coconut water contains vitamins, like vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and vitamin C, as well as high electrolyte content.  It may be soothing when applied to the skin and beneficial to the skin.

Coconut water can be used to remove make-up and excess oil. As a facial cleanser it can gently remove impurities. It is a perfect choice for all types of skin.

Coconut Water May Not Work For Everyone And For Some Skin Concerns.

The topical application of coconut water to the skin won’t help with some skin concerns, such as:

  1. redness
  2. blackheads
  3. pigmentation and dark circles
  4. skin brightening

Although coconut water does contain skin-brightening ingredients, like vitamin C and amino acids,it is important to remember that everyone’s skin is different. The Coconut water benefits for skin work out differs from person to person and what works for one person may not work for another.

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