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How To Start and Develop Resort Business In India


A resort is a full-service hotel that gives guests a high range of activities. These resorts typically have many restaurants, swimming pools and entertainment activities such as golf, skiing, or water sports.

Resort Business

Starting a resort business will be a profitable opportunity for entrepreneurs. The hospitality of the industry is speed growing, and there are many chances to construct unique and new hotel experiences that cater to many types of travelers.

Why Start a Resort Business in India?

  • India is a speed improving tourism place, with millions of domestic and international people visiting the country every year. There is a big demand for innovative hotel experiences, which develops many ideas for entrepreneurs in the environment of the industry.
  • The Indian government has create many type of initiatives to support the growth of the tourism industry. These initiatives give funding and support for the development of tourist destinations, which improve more chances for resort development in India.

Resort Business Ideas In India:

Eco-Friendly Resort 

  • An eco-friendly resort is designed to reduce its environmental effect.
  • These hotels often use renewable energy sources, recycle waste, and reuse acceptable materials to reduce their carbon footprints.

Small Resort 

A small resort that gives personalized service to guests. These small resort typically have unique styles, and they focus on the best experience. People now a days look for more small level hotels than any regular hotel to stay at and are willing amount to pay more for these.

Luxury  Resort 

A luxury resort is a high-end hotel that gives guests with an easy going experience. These hotels typically offer high-end facilities and services. This for sure is one of the most popular resort business ideas in India.


A hostel is a budget-friendly good option that gives dorm-style rooms and shared spaces. Hostels are popular among young travelers and couples who are looking for affordable accommodations.

Wellness Resort 

A wellness resort is that focused on health and wealth. These hotels typically offer fitness centers, yoga classes, and healthy developing options to improve physical and mental well-being.

Bed and Breakfast 

A bed and breakfast is a small lodging establishment that gives overnight accommodations and breakfast. These resorts frequently have a home-like atmosphere and giving personalized service to customers.

How to Develop the Resort Business ?

1. Go Mobile

  • While mobile-friendly websites are used to be a great ideas, now, they are very must. These days Mobile devices are interacting with the internet to the customers.
  • It’s important that you are able to reach your customers where they go first, and most customers are looking at their phones roughly four hours per day. It is equally important that your mobile site loads quickly because you will lose visitors if it takes longer than three or four seconds to load.

2.Online Reviews Management

  • When you manage your online reviews, you manage your online fame, which is important for any resort business. If you have a negative review or multiple negative reviews, you can drive likely visitors away.
  • So it will affect your business for few years to come.
  • When you pro actively manage your luxury resort’s fame, you hold more power. It’s important to stay on top of websites though also important that you keep your eyes on less industry sites.

3. Social Media

  • You assure that your luxury resort uses at low a single social media platform to market your offerings. Social media is one of the most wide spread forms of marketing in the world today.
  • If you want to market to young consumers, you might consider heading over to Twitter or Instagram. sure your content is consistently developed and appeals to your customers.
  • Your ideas should be revolve around user-generated content, where in you share any content made by your customers.

4. Video Marketing

  • Hotels and luxury resorts are finding video marketing to be very effective. With this types of resort marketing, you do not have to try and determine what your property looks like to your customers. you may just show them through high quality video and video story telling.
  • The beauty of videos is that you may re-purpose them for multiple purpose.
  • For example, when you should have a length  marketing video on YouTube, you should cut that same video into short clips for used in marketing emails.

5.Content Marketing

Content marketing is another  method that resorts take by sharing applicable online things to attract visitors, whether that is videos, social media posts, blogs. With content marketing, you can develop interest in the services your luxury resort offers without express selling it.

6.Email Marketing

  • Email marketing is still one of the most highly effective ideas for maintaining existing customers and reaching out to new levels. With a good email marketing struggle, you could send out seasonal offers or give potential guests behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming shows.
  • We officially recommend using email marketing to offer special discounts and deals during the off-season, so it can continuously remind us about the excitement that comes around during the on-season.

7.Differentiate from Competitors

  • The most innovative luxury resorts knew exactly what it is that makes them different from other resorts. It is an important point that you get the time to considering  what separates you from your competitors.
  • You need to let possible customers knew why they should chose your resort over another resort, and the way to do that is by marketing what makes your resort so special.

8. Develop Your Brand

As a grand resort, you need to a strong brand to compete. We wrote a whole piece on what makes brand identity so important in the world of resorts and why you should consider hiring a professional resort marketing team to showing your branding efforts.


  • The resort business is a promising industry for entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating unique and great experiences for visitors.
  • The resort business ideas mentioned in this article give a starting point for entrepreneurs to explore their options and find their niche in the hospitality industry. With the right strategy and execution, entrepreneurs can create successful and profitable resort  businesses that serve to the diverse needs of travelers.

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