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How to become an investor - Ponnusamy Karthik

Read How To Become An Investor (With Essential Skills)

 What Is An Investor

  • An investor is someone or an agency that offers cash to some other man or woman or agency in anticipation of destiny profits. 
  • Technically, each person can turn out to be an investor. If you make investments in cash, you’re an investor. 
  • There are two main types of buyers—corporate buyers and retail buyers. Institutional buyers usually put money in large agencies or institutions, while retail buyers invest purely based on their preferences, alternatives, and payment types.

  • Key Findings
    • The investment journey begins with planning and scheduling. Once you know how long you want to invest and what you want to get, you can set up a structure to achieve it.
    • Next, learn how the market works, find out which investment strategy suits you best, and decide what type of investor you are. Be careful who you ask for advice, and be careful of your own prejudices and assumptions when you find the right path. Please understand that this is a long journey.
    •  Always keep an open mind and learn from your mistakes.

Here Are The Steps That Explain How To Become An Investor

1. Start Early

  • The first step to developing an investment in potential revenue-producing property is to begin early. If you`ve been given by no means invested before, preserve in thoughts coaching yourself approximately investments and charge variety to make knowledgeable choices.
  •  You can contact a colleague or your economic supervisor to get expert recommendations on making an investment within the proper opportunities. There is an idea known as the compounding effect, because of this produces earnings on an asset`s reinvested earnings. 
  • If you begin early investments, you may get better returns than in case you begin after 3 or 4 years from when you first began earning.

2. Identify Your Requirements

How to become an investor - Ponnusamy Karthik
  • Every person has unique requirements and goals for starting investments. Knowing why you want to start making funding lets you understand your motivations and guide informed choice-making. 
  • To continuously make intelligent investments, you could benefit from identifying your long-term goals and the manner you`re going to apply invested finances to your future. 

3. Plan Your Investment

How to become an investor - Ponnusamy Karthik
  • Diversity in investment is essential, as it can minimize risks for fee variety and ensure that no matter the truth that one or products also can moreover have a difficult phase, you could however get immoderate returns from exclusive investments. 
  • Strategically plan your investments based completely and sincerely on your personal and professional goals.
  • Research the options you preserve in thoughts making funding in and perform an in-depth assessment of the complexities and risks associated with them.

4. Know Your Investment Strategy

How to become an investor - Ponnusamy Karthik
  • Nobody is aware of you and your situation higher than you do. Therefore, you`ll be the maximum certified person to do your nonpublic making investment—all you want is a bit of help.

 Identify the person’s dispositions so as to help you or save you from making an investment successfully, and manage them accordingly.

  • Individualist – careful and confident, often takes a do-it-yourself approach
  • Adventurer – volatile, entrepreneurial and strong-willed
  • Celebrity – a follower of the latest investment fads
  • Guardian – highly risk-averse, wealth preserver
  • Straight Arrow – shares the characteristics of all of the above equally

5. Invest consistently

  • Consistent deposits of financial instruments can generate a large amount of income in the future. You can conduct organizational and product research to make decisions that holistically align with your values ​​and financial goals. 
  • Consistently funding excess return products also helps you be a responsible investor. It is important not to worry about the number of coins you are funding in your assets. This is because even if it is low, it will become massive after a while.

6. Find The Right Investing Path

  • Your degree of information, man or woman and access need to decide the course you choose. Generally, customers undertake one of the following techniques:
  • Don’t put all your eggs in a single basket. In other words, diversify.
  • Put all your eggs in a single basket, but watch your basket carefully.
  • Combine each of those techniques by making tactical bets on a central passive portfolio.
  • Most fulfillment customers begin with low-risk portfolios and regularly research through them. As customers gain more information over time, they emerge as most appropriate to take a more energetic stance of their portfolios.

Essential Investor Skills

  • Strategy for Investing
  • Emotional control
  • Curiosity
  • Thinking strategically
  • Proactiveness


Investment is important to achieve individual goals. Investment means we have money, then we need to make an analysis to invest the money and expect to get a return in the future.

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