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Importance of sustainable development in 2024 - Ponnusamy Karthik

Importance of sustainable development in 2024

The total scenero in the real estate sector is getting changed in the last 5 years. It is due to lot of day-by-day developments. Family factors and social factors impact are great in the purchase decision. They create a harmonious and enduring relationship between humanity and the natural world. The people give more weightage to the importance of Sustainable development. Sustainable development is very important concept for Good Health. And also for the well-being of our planet. It ensures healthy lives as well as promotes the well-being of our future generations. Sustainability means meeting the needs of today’s. At the same time without compromising the needs of future generations.,   Sustainable development is a long-term perspective. The importance of Sustainable development is for the quality life of people. It protects the natural resources and avoids environmental degradation. Importance of sustainable development Supports the well-being of individuals and communities. Minimizes the depletion of natural resources. Promotes a better economy with little waste and proper checks on pollution levels. Prevents Global warming. Maintains the ecological balance Prevents degradation of the environment Protect the environment. Prevents overexploitation of resources. Strengthen community bonds Provide hope for a better future. improves the quality of human life. The importance of Sustainable development is retaining the environment properly. And the future generation are able to meet their own demands. Better survival of our societies in a well planned sustainable world Sustainable development promote strategies Meet human needs Avoid the exhausting natural resources (or) Avoid environmental degradation. The importance of Sustainable development encourage a perfect today’s life. It also enhance a better life of tomorrow. The people can enjoy the present needs . At the sametime without compromising the chances for future generations.  Essential steps required for Sustainable development Planting trees to help protect the environment. Life on land gets improved. (Advocate for Conservation of land and water) Stopping the useage of plastic bags to keep the oceans clean. Life below water gets balanced. Practicing Waste Reduction and Recycling Adapting Crop rotation and Supporting Sustainable Agriculture. Developing Wind energies. Developing Solar energies. Doing Sustainable construction. Using efficient water fixtures. Cultivating Green spaces. Retaining Sustainable forestries. Encouraging companies to focus on reducing their carbon footprints. And also packaging waste, water usage, and other damage to the environment. Embracing Renewable Energy Educating and spreading Awareness. The importance of Sustainable development enhances the Environmental qualities. Environmental qualities such as Cleanliness Pollution Avoiding crime. The importance of Sustainable development is realized for Structural characteristics. The Structural characteristics Building age Square feet Garage space Sustainability is an act of facing current and future global environment challenges and also other challenges. A Balance Between Man and Nature As Well As Economy. Sustainable development create a balance between the economic, environmental and social needs. The importance of Sustainable development is preserving the environment, and natural resources along with a balanced social and economic equality . The positive externalities required are the areas with Green spaces and anthropic lakes The proximity to the public transport The proximity to the employment The proximity to the educational institutions and commercial areas. Through The importance of Sustainable development humanity can improve the quality of life for all people, now and then into the future. The importance of Sustainable development beters the standards of living By preserving human health By maintaining the environment By using available resources well By progressing long-term economic competitiveness. The Challenges To Be Overcomed By Sustainable Development The negative externalities come from the noise in the air traffic rail, road and air , the crime in the area. The environmental hazards – proximity to hazordous lands, places. Political instability within the Country and also between nations. It occurs due to conflicts. Poor Infrastructure facilities. High level of poverty. High level of unemployment. Poor Economic Growth Unpredictable Climatic changes. Sustainable Development Gets Higher Recognition And Higher Return On Investment The properties with good environmental features have higher recognition in society. They fetch higher economic returns. The more inclination towards The green house Focus on eco-friendly Energy-reduction features are essential. A home that is situated in a good neighbour hood would be highly preferable. The households are willing to pay more for the houses with good indoor and outdoor environment qualities. The importance of Sustainable development is realized to upgrade the places. And the residents live together for a common interest. The house builders are forced to design and enhance the relaxation. The gardens and play area for supporting social sustainability and social purposes. The new technologies and innovations towards sustainability are good. The occupants want both the environmental and community benefits. It is always better to choose an ideal neighbour hood with proximity to simple public transportation based on your daily routine employment location the necessity for decent schools for children. The people prefer the sustainable management of the building environment in the form of kitchen’s waste treatment system use of energy-saving lamps the building with waste sorting. The buyers realized the importance of Sustainable development. They prefer to purchase those apartments and villas of effective waste management facility. That have a good structure or appearance , that have high security, that have individual parking space, that have a compound wall, that have a good space for gardening and that have a good play area for children. The house builders have to enhance the sense of togetherness among the people improve their social well-being through an effective neighbhour hood. The people realized the importance of Sustainable development. There is an growing willingness to pay for the houses in sustainable neighbhourhood. Nowadays the house builders realized the importance of Sustainable development. They design houses for sustainable living in tandem with the government’s efforts to “ go green “. CONCLUSION Through Sustainable development, humanity can improve the quality of life. For all people, now and then into the future. Provide the future generations with healthy, strong, and vibrant global communities. Protect and enhance the natural environment. By minimizing pollution and waste, also works towards reducing the global carbon footprint.

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The Best 13 Business Ideas for Students in 2024 - Ponnusamy Karthik

The Best 13 Business Ideas for Students in 2024

The current world provides unprecedented opportunities for students, to explore. And these opportunities motivate their young mind for their interested ventures. The interested students are capable enough to get/stay organized. They can balance their time for both study and business. They enjoy flexibility of creating a convenient work schedule. There is no need to compromise their studies. And also there is no necessity for more involvement in business. There are surplus business ideas for students are available in the modern world. Selection and Pursuing Business Ideas for Students Selecting the right business ideas for students The first step involves finding the right business idea based on the interests. Choosing a profitable business is very challenging with unlimited opportunities. There are a lot of innovative business ideas for students. And also there are lot of local businesses that can be selected on social media platforms. Follow the Passion & Market needs Be particular about the business ideas that they are excited and passionate about. The level of passion will enhance the dedication. It will automatically make the students to provide the time and necessary efforts.  Then it will become a profitable, sustainable startup. Be clear about market trends. And stay informed about market trends. Both are essential for selected business ideas for students. Pull out hidden set of skills It is a chance to build a strong foundation early on and capitalize on the existing knowledge. The students can pull out their hidden set of skills Total Budget costs and Financial Back-up Here the capital is not a limitation. Actually they are inexpensive and simple to implement the business ideas for students. Anyhow the idea of the total startup costs and financial back-up is necessary. Proper Time Dedication The amount of time that can allocated to their business ideas for students is important. The main advantage is time flexibility. They can work on during their spare moments. The Best Favourable List of Business Ideas For Students The internet has removed many barriers. They encourage students to start businesses. The early year’s of Internet have legal, financial, or knowledge restrictions. All are removed. Now the internet offers many good business ideas for students. Digital Marketing Services There is phenomenal growth and scope in Digital marketing.  It has grown a lot in the last decade, with the emergence of eCommerce and online businesses. The businesses that are not yet get digitalized themself suffers a lot. They are missing a huge percentage of clients. The businesses ignored working on their internet profile are now looking for help. They need their digital marketing strategies. Students can approach those business owners. And provide them solutions. They could help them with local SEO, and Social media management. And also help them in Google Ads/Facebook Ads campaigns, and offer other strategies. Social Media Management Business people do not have the time to handle their business on social media platforms. They seek to outsource the task. As a social media manager, the students can manage their client’s social media networks. And develop sales-boosting methods. They can also provide content production, publishing, interaction, and analytics services. It is one of the best business ideas for students. Transcription Services Nowadays Transcription services are very much needed in all kinds of fields. Particularly for law, medicine, and businesses. This job doesn’t requires either fixed hours or many skills. And also there are many forms of transcription. They include video podcasts and recorded lectures. The students can select the best business ideas for students. (that interests and suits them). No special formal training required to do transcription services. Good listening abilities Great knowledge of English grammar rules Fast typing skills are the perfect combination required for high-quality works. Translation Services Translation services require to be bilingual in both languages. they should know the grammar rules of the  both languages. Highly profitable and essential businesses may not offer translation work to students. But basic and least important translation works will be offered to students.  Students can prefer translating work of lectures, books, and articles for professors. This is one of the best business ideas for students in this generation. Youtuber The students can enjoy and make videos on a niche. They can make money through ads and sponsorships. It is one of the great business ideas for students. But becoming a well-known YouTuber is not an easy job. The students can not expect overnight success. but they should keep going for some time, then they will see amazing results. Graphic Designer Graphic Designing business is currently in high demand. It is one of the great business ideas/great options for students. The students may provide design services to Companies People who want logos, Flyers Brochures Social media graphics, Other design materials. It is advisable to the students to create a portfolio of their design work first. Then they have to develop a website or social media presence to exhibit their work. Freelance Content Writing The students can start a freelance content writing business. They should have have great writing talents. They may provide their skills to Companies Websites People in need of high-quality material. The students can consider Blog postings Articles Product descriptions Social media posts Copywriting options. They have to construct a portfolio of their writing examples. they have to define their price, and establish a brand identity. They can collect clients through online job portals like Linkedin Social media, Cold outreach. Ebook Writing Today, we can get almost everything virtually — even publishing a book. Ebooks always provide an alternative to traditional publishing.  Ebooks are cheaper for both authors and readers.  Ebooks are always better than paper books. Students with excellent writing experience and a topic idea for ebook can prefer this job. They have to choose to write a novel or a cookbook. The ebook market provides a huge profit potential. It requires minimal startup and overhead costs. Affiliate Marketing As an affiliate marketer, the students can make money by promoting products and services through the website or other online platforms.

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Top 6 Best startups in india - Ponnusamy Karthik

Top 6 Best startups in india

Swiggy – Best food delivery startups in india The successful food delivery startup Swiggy is the one of the best startups in india. It’s headquarters is located in Bangalore, India. Swiggy started out as a small food delivery startup in 2014. It has now grown into one of the largest food delivery companies in India. It has a presence in over 500 cities and towns in India. It has grown over 5,000,000 app installations. Swiggy is a common household for anyone who wants to order food online in India. Swiggy’s main objective is to integrate with restaurant partners and provide an optimal experience to customers. The uniqueness of Swiggy is that there is no minimum order policy. It is Swiggy’s unique selling point. It allows the users to pay delivery fee and get food delivered even if it costs only Rs 50. Users need not worry about the cost of food items. Swiggy’s target demographic constitutes college students to young working professionals of 18-35 years age group . Swiggy maintain good customer relationships. Swiggy collects the commission on orders which are higher than a certain amount from the restaurant. The Strength and competitive advantage Swiggy excels in delivery speed and maintain swift delivery. Zomato shines in food research,restaurant discovery and table booking with reviews. It has its own good tracking system to enhance the delivery. The delivery boys use mobile phones for fast delivery. It’s focus on customer service with innovative approach  is great. Swiggy uses combinatorial reinforcement learning algorithms to assign multiple orders to a single delivery executive based on the location. Swiggy excels in delivery speed and maintain swift delivery. Zomato shines in food research,restaurant discovery and table booking with reviews. It has its own good tracking system to enhance the delivery. The delivery boys use mobile phones for fast delivery. This successful startups in India focus on customer service with innovative approach. Swiggy uses combinatorial reinforcement learning algorithms to assign multiple orders to a single delivery executive based on the location. This best startups in India also concentrate on customers who prefer groceries through Instamart. Swiggy is very swift to adapt to changing market conditions and it is one of the Top startups in India. Swiggy’s membership program called Swiggy One Lite is a very attractive program.  The members can enjoy benefits such as Free deliveries Exclusive offers Discount offers on food, grocery, and pick-up and drop services for three months for just Rs 99. PhonePe – Best fintech startups in India. PhonePe is the best and the most valuable fintech startups in India. PhonePe is very successful startups in india and it is accessible in 11 Indian languages. The  ex-Flipkart employees Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari, and Burzin founded  in 2015. Their vision is to simplifying transactions and making quick financial services accessible to all. PhonePe has 400 million registered users in  the Indian market. And now more than one in four Indians are using PhonePe. PhonePe gives various payment options to its users through its  Secure Payment System. Hence, the users don’t need to pay with their bank account or debit/credit card.  Here the consumers get a seamless and secure option to make transactions directly from their bank accounts by connecting with UPI. It creates long-term value by building simple, reliable, and value-additive solutions. This best startups in India helps online consumers the benefit of a digital wallet to make payments fast. It actually help users to perform various financial transactions such as Sending and receiving money. Recharging mobile DTH services Topping up data cards Making utility payments, bill payments, and online shopping Conducting in-store payments. Users can add multiple bank accounts to their PhonePe account. It integrates with a number of popular Indian banks and provides users with easy access to their bank accounts. Users can manage all of their bank accounts on the app. provides online mobile recharge services (Prepaid and Postpaid) to mobile users. Offer other services like insurance, gold purchases, and mutual fund investments PhonePe rewards scratch card to its users whenever they make a transaction. PhonePe’s effective marketing strategy PhonePe use the  effective marketing strategy of capturing the interest of the young in Bangalore via its strategic marketing approaches such as Influencer partnerships User-friendly app interfaces Social media advertising. Top 7 competitors of PhonePe are Mswipe BharatPe CheQ Paytm Amazon Pay. PayKey Google Yes Bank (@ybl) ICICI Bank (@ibl) Axis Bank (@axl) are the partner banks of PhonePe. PhonePe is not dominating UPI. It has become the market leader with a 50% market share, edging past Google Pay. PhonePe’s total payments volume crossed US$1 trillion. Digit Insurance – Best insurtech startups in India The low penetration of general insurance in India gave  enough place for Go Digit Insurance to capitalise with its digital- insurance approach. The best insurtech start-up Digit Insurance is an successful Indian start-up. It makes insurance a simpler and faster experience for customers. Digit Insurance is making waves in the Indian marketplace.  It is very effective for all types of people in India. The Insurance Cover is offered for travel, mobile phones, bikes, cars and homes. It plans to expand into the health insurance market too. Mr Goyal founded Digit insurance in 2016. He  received regulatory approval from the Indian government’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) in September 2017. The Digit Insurance net worth is currently $3.54 bn. Mr Goyal executed his vision of a simple and fast insurance process. He decided the digital channel as a way of doing this process. Then he started Go Digit General Insurance.  Initially as a subsidiary of a separate consultancy venture with FairFax Financial Holdings, called Go Digit Infoworks Services. The subsidiary later became known as Digit Insurance company. Digit Insurance strategy Digit Insurance business strategy is a best one. It involves creating beneficial partnerships with companies. And integrate with them to provide insurance alongside products. Digit Insurance created beneficial partnerships with around 1,500 companies.  It includes international e-commerce powerhouse Amazon and Flipkart, another e-commerce site operating within India.

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Business Motivational Speaker in India - Ponnusamy Karthik

Top 10 Business Motivational Speaker in India

List of 10 Best Motivational speaker in india Vivek Bindra. Shiv Khera Ponnusamy Karthik Shalini Saraswathi Sandeep Maheshwari Sudha Murty Bharathy Bhaskar Gopinath Chandran Naina Lal Kidwai Akash Gautam Vivek Bindra Vivek Bindra Dr. Vivek Bindra is an internationally renowned motivational speaker. He is also a business coach, international corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. Dr. Vivek Bindra recently received Asia’s No.1 Motivational Speaker Award. He is an excellent no.1 motivational speaker in India. He lost his father at the age of 2.5 years and faced many adversities in his life. Dr. Bindra is a self-made man. Vivek launched his YouTube channel in 2013. It became one of the most popular channels in India. He used his YouTube channel to share his knowledge. It inspired people to achieve their dreams.  He covered a range of topics. It includes business strategies, leadership, motivation, and personal development in his videos. He has 11 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel had very good following. Dr. Vivek Bindra founded the Bada Business. He is the CEO of this company. His Business company provides leadership consultancy and advises tycoon Indian and international businessmen. He got very good recognition as a best motivational speaker in India. Dr. Bindra authored at least 10 Motivational Books. Leadership Development content of these books helped people all around the globe. He regularly upload these contents and case studies on his YouTube channel. It is free to be seen. Dr. Vivek Bindra received 11 world records. They include 9 Guinness World Records in various categories Shiv Khera Shiv Khera Shiv Khera is a best motivational speaker in India. He is an author, educator, business consultant  and also a  successful entrepreneur. He had sound knowledge and experience in the field of entrepreneurship. He built several successful businesses. Shiv Khera initially worked as a car washer, and a life insurance agent. Then become a motivational speaker in india. Shiv Khera inspired and motivated millions of people across the country. He helped people to realize their full potential, and achieve their goals. His motivational speeches bring about a positive change in people’s lives. His motivational speeches are very simple, yet powerful.  They motivate people to take action toward achieving their goals. They are always top-rated. It is due to his dynamic speaking style. He uses proper quotes from real-life examples. (to explain his points). It makes his speeches very much relatable to the audience. And also makes the people to accept as an excellent motivational speaker in India. Shiv Khera authored various best-selling books. His  ‘You Can Win’ sold over 4 million copies in 21 languages. It is a great source of inspiration for millions of people across the globe. Ponnusamy Karthik Ponnusamy Karthik Mr. A. Ponnusamy Karthik is an excellent motivational speaker in India. He propagates great ideas to inspire society on You tube. His life itself is a treasure trove of inspiration. It is very worthy for the growing generations. He inspires the youth that “youth can change the world”. Chairman Mr. A. Ponnusamy Karthik always strives to be a pioneer in the real estate industry. He covers all the categories of society with his valuable speeches. All are worthy topics with real life experiences. It makes people to run their life and business in a right and successful path. People accept him as a realistic motivational speaker in India. Mr. A. Ponnusamy Karthik is the Chairman of the NFBD Group Pvt Ltd., The  Company is established in 2016. His hard work has earned him a reputation in the market. NFBD become a brand of trustworthiness for customers in and around Guduvanchery, Chennai. The company has successfully completed more than 600 projects across Chennai. It has grown to handle multiple projects simultaneously. This NFBD group has spread its wings in various businesses. NFBD is doing import and export business and investor and business development analyst. He started real estate business in a simple way with a small team of 5 like-minded professionals. With a small investment he achieved a good success. He overcomes insurmountable obstacles and contradictions in his path. NFBD Group Private Limited has its registered office at Guduvanchery, Chennai. This NFBD team consists of a dedicated team of Telecallers Marketing Executives Field Workers SEO team professionals. NFBD Group Private Limited follows the 100% process of “Your Satisfaction is Ours” and provides 100% customer satisfaction. This NFBD group has distinguished itself from the rest of the real estate industry. NFBD’s ideas, approach, and innovation are unique.. Shalini Saraswathi Shalini Saraswathi In 2013, Engineer Shalini Saraswathi lost her both legs, and hands, to a rare bacterial infection. At that time Shalini drew on courage that only a true fighter could access.  Shalini tried all possibilities to get back on her feet. She got success with the help of prosthetic legs.   Shalini  continued the regular fighting. Finally she was able to walk for the first time in December 2014. She is one of the best motivational speaker in India. Shalini narrates her harrowing experiences and life-changing events that she battled through. It makes the audience to realize that while you may feel that all is lost and that the power of hope will win. We should learn to dig deep and find that extra something, to find the determination and succeed. People feel the real density of best motivational speaker in India. She completed the TCS 10K marathon in 2016, in 2 hours and 3 seconds.  And then again with a timing of 1 hour and 35 minutes in 2017. Now Shalini is a professional athlete. She won 100 meters sprinter. Shalini got third in the National’s last year. She received the “Iconic Woman Award”. The award was presented by the Ladies’ Wing of the IMC Chamber of Commerce. She got the “Rashtriya Swayam Siddha Samman” award from the JSPL Group. She received the “Kittur Rani Chennamma Award”.  The award was presented by the Women & Child Development Department, Government of Karnataka. She give speeches to audiences at a host of

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Top 5 Main Functions of Management - Ponnusamy Karthik

Top 5 Basic Functions of Management: A Simple Guide

What Are the Main Functions of Management? Functions of management are the basic tasks managers do to run a business smoothly. These functions include planning, organizing, leading, controlling and Coordinating. Planning sets goals, like making a roadmap. organizing, arranging resources, leading motivates employees, and controlling ensures things are on track. Together, they help businesses achieve success. Now, management might sound like a big, scary word, but it’s actually just a fancy way of saying how people in charge get things done. Here are the 5 main functions of management, Planning Organizing Leading Controlling Coordinating Your Guide to The Functions of Management: 1. Planning: Think of planning as making a roadmap for your journey. Just like you plan your route before a trip, managers plan how to achieve their goals. They set objectives, determine the steps needed to reach them, and decide on the resources required. 2. Organizing: Imagine organizing your room. You put things where they belong so you can find them easily. Managers put things in order, like sorting out who does what, how much money is needed, and what equipment is necessary to get the job done well. It’s a bit like forming a team for a project, giving out jobs, and setting up a system to work smoothly. 3. Leading: Leading is like being the captain of a sports team. You motivate and guide your teammates to win the game. Managers inspire and influence their employees to work towards the common goals. They provide direction, support, and encouragement to bring out the best in their team. 4. Controlling Controlling is similar to checking the scoreboard during a game. You monitor progress to see if you’re on track to win. Managers check if work is going as planned. If it’s not, they figure out what’s going wrong and fix it. It’s like making sure everything stays on track and making changes if needed. 5. Coordinating Coordinating is like conducting an orchestra. You synchronize different instruments to create beautiful music. Managers make sure everyone in the team is working together smoothly towards the same goals. It’s like making sure everyone is on the same page and working in sync. It involves communication, collaboration, and teamwork to achieve success. So, there you have it! The functions of management aren’t so complicated after all. It’s all about planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to make sure things run smoothly. Whether you’re managing a team, a project, or even just your own tasks, understanding these functions can help you be more effective. Understanding the Nature of Management: Have you ever wondered how businesses are run? Well, functions of management plays a big role in making sure everything runs smoothly. Let’s dive into the nature of management and what it’s all about. 1. Management is Everywhere First things first, management isn’t just for big companies. Even small groups or families use management in their daily lives. It’s all about getting things done efficiently, whether it’s at work, school, or home. 2. Getting Things Done Management is like being the Boss of a ship. You’re in charge of steering it in the right direction. Managers set goals, make plans, and organize resources to achieve them. Think of it as plotting a course on a map and making sure everyone knows where they’re headed. 3. People Matter While plans and resources are important, management is also about working with people. Managers need to lead and motivate their team members. It’s like being a coach, cheering everyone on to do their best. 4. Adapting to Change The world is always changing, and management needs to adapt. Managers need to be flexible and ready to adjust plans when needed. It’s like changing course when the wind shifts – you still want to reach your destination, but you might need to take a different route. 5. Keeping Things in Check Lastly, functions of management involves keeping things under control. This means making sure everything is going according to plan and fixing any problems that pop up along the way. It’s like making sure all the pieces of a puzzle fit together ideally. Management means doing things well with others, adjusting to changes, and keeping order. Whether it’s a big company or a group project, knowing how to manage can make you successful. So, Nature of management can help you succeed. Functions of Financial Management: Ever wondered how businesses handle their money? That’s where financial management comes in! Let’s break down the functions of financial management in simple terms. 1. Budgeting Imagine you have a set amount of money for the week. Budgeting is like planning how you’ll spend it. Businesses do this too, but on a larger scale. They plan how much money they’ll spend on things like salaries, supplies, and marketing. 2. Investing Just like saving money to grow your piggy bank, businesses invest to grow their wealth. They might invest in new equipment, technology, or even other companies. The aim is to make more money in the long run. 3. Financing Sometimes, a business needs extra money to grow or handle unexpected expenses. Financing is like borrowing money from a bank or investors. It could be in the form of loans or issuing stocks. Businesses carefully consider the best options to manage their finances wisely. 4. Managing Risks Life and business both have unexpected surprises! Financial management involves identifying and dealing with risks. This could be anything from changes in the economy to unexpected disasters. By planning ahead, businesses can minimize the impact of these risks. 5. Financial Reporting Ever seen a report card? Well, businesses have something similar called financial statements. These reports show how much money the business made, spent, and saved. They help managers and investors understand the financial health of the business. 6. Monitoring Performance Just like checking your progress in a game, businesses monitor their financial performance. They compare actual results with their budget and goals. If things aren’t going as planned, they adjust their strategies to stay on track. The

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Business Development Associate (BDA) Job Description - Ponnusamy Karthik

Business Development Associate(BDA) Job Description

What is Business Development Associate (BDA) A Business Development Associate (BDA) is someone who enhances the sales of a company. He is very active, He shares ideas and valuable points with his associates in a business. He consults with his associates before proceeding further. He works in entry-level positions for employees.  BDA Job Description He works with teams related to his job. And also to departments of his job nature. In India the Business Development Associates’ salary ranges between Rs.2.2 Lakhs to Rs.10.0 Lakhs. He builds excellent relationships with existing clients. And he develops/finds out new potential clients to increase sales. He acts as an expert in a company’s vision and its mission.  The major task of a business development associate is Setting goals Developing plans for business and revenue growth. Researching, planning, and implementing new target market initiatives. He collaborates well with Business Development Managers and Account Managers. He creates customized plans for sales territories with the help of these managers. Customized plans are essential to achieve monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue target goals. Business Development Associate conduct Market research  Promote company products Boost  product  growth Boost Sales and building proper client relationships Develop business strategies Identify new business opportunities.  Required Qualification And Key Skills Employers hiring employees for the business development associate job with the following specifications A degree in business management, marketing-related fields, finance, communications, and economics. 1- 2 years of relevant work experience in business development or related fields. Experience in customer relationship management (CRM). Expertise in MS Office and relevant software. Capability to Manage and overcome objections. Strong presentation skills. A relentless desire and drive to succeed. Fluency in English and regional languages for good communication. (both in Written and Oral communication). Capable of developing excellent strategic sales plans. Capable of executing strategic sales plans in the right way. BDA Full Form = Business Development Associate Identifying the existing new business opportunities as well as developing new business opportunities. Discuss well with the CEO, the VP of Operations, and other senior staff members. He develops strategies for Recruiting new dealers. Securing new clients. Retaining current clients. Upselling to existing customers. Strong analytical skills and decision-making abilities. Ability to adapt well to changing environment. Ability to work in a fast-paced manner. Resilience – Ability to withstand pressure and continue the stability work under pressure. Strong negotiation and influencing skills. Guiding the sales team on all aspects of the sales processes. Managing customer relationships. Having proper commercial awareness. The ability to think creative and strategic manner. Participates well in trade shows and networking events. Create marketing campaigns, promotions, and event programs. Conducting and monitoring trade shows, conferences, and networking events. Expand business relationships. Discuss with the account management team to develop sales strategies and plans. Conduct mailers and telemarketing campaigns. Develop new business leads. Conduct price negotiations. The Importance Of Business Development Associates (BDA) Business  Development Associate Skills improve the efficiency of an organization. He maintains time management by ensuring tasks completions on time. And effective use of resources. He maintains project management to streamline the workflow. He maintains excellent communication and uses Microsoft Office Suite, Prospects, and CRM. Rapid evaluation of market dynamics. – He works with sales and marketing. He evaluates market dynamics and develops. Customized plans for sales territories. Research prospective clients to identify new sales opportunities. Developing and implementing special marketing campaigns. Use financial software to develop financial plans. He answers customer questions and helps to solve problems. He maintains Customer satisfaction report. Track all sales report. Prepare new opportunities report. He works well with staff across all departments for implementing agreed-upon growth strategies. He Identifies and prioritizes internal and external referral sources for appropriate product positioning. Dynamic  understanding of industry trends and their impact on the CRO business. Researching prospective accounts in target markets. Pursuing leads and leveraging marketing tactics and outreach for lead generation. Business  Development Associate Skills improve the efficiency of an organization. They maintain time management. They maintain project management to streamline the workflow. They maintain excellent communication and use Microsoft Office Suite, Prospects, and CRM. He works with sales and marketing team. He evaluates market dynamics and develops customized plans for sales territories. Research prospective clients to identify new sales opportunities. Developing and implementing special marketing campaigns. Use financial software to develop financial plans. Business development associates answer customer questions and help to solve problems. He maintain customer satisfaction. He tracks all sales and prepares new opportunities report to management. He work well with staff across all departments. He implements agreed-upon growth strategies. Identify and prioritizes internal and external referral sources for appropriate product positioning. Dynamic  understanding of industry trends and their impact on the CRO business. Researching prospective accounts in target markets. Pursuing leads and leveraging marketing tactics and outreach for lead generation. Maintain long-term relationships and close contracts with potential clients. Forecasting call trends and sales inclinations. Collect feedback for new business pursuits. Doing timely and accurate audits, expense tracking, and budget management. Market Intelligence – Constant updates on industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics. Providing essential feedback to the management team. It helps for continuous improvement of products and services. Providing data-driven recommendations by proper analysis of sales data. It helps to identify trends and performance evaluation. Maintaining customer interactions and sales activities up-to-date records. Relationship Building with existing clients to ensure satisfaction and identify upselling opportunities. The Steps To Become A Successful BDA Step N0: 1  –  Understand the Role and Objectives. Step N0: 2  –  Develop a ProperTarget Market Strategy. Step N0 : 3  –  Build and Nurture Good Relationships in the Market. Step N0: 4  –  Maintain Effective Communication. Step N0: 5  –  Be Proactive Always and Be Resourceful Always. Business Development Associates are entry-level positions for employees. He focuses on business relationships and strategic partnerships. He develops solid relationships while maintaining existing relationships. He attracts new clients. He generally does not manage a team. This is an entry point for a career in business development.

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Marketing Management: Definition and Guide - Ponnusamy Karthik

What is Marketing Management? Importance in 2024

What is Marketing Management: Marketing management is all about controlling and organizing different marketing tasks and the people who do them, like managers and professionals. This includes things like: Deciding what goals to aim for and coming up with plans to achieve them. Studying the market to understand what customers want. Creating campaigns to promote products. Figuring out who the company’s main customers are. Handling content on places like social media and emails, using different types like writing, images, and videos. Putting marketing plans into action. Many companies have realized how important marketing is in the last few decades. They’ve had to adapt quickly to stay ahead of their competitors. Even non-profit organizations like colleges, hospitals, museums, and symphonies are now interested in marketing. Service companies like airlines, banks, insurance firms, and professional services (lawyers, doctors, etc.) are also using marketing strategies. Religious groups, cultural organizations, schools, and charities now have marketing departments too. They use ads to attract people. All types of companies are using marketing activities like advertising, pricing, and distribution to succeed. Effective marketing helps organizations get noticed. Companies are also trying to expand their markets beyond their own countries. The Importance Of Marketing Management Marketing management is essential for both small and large/established businesses to reach customers in the best manner. That’s how to use more effective to build a brand strategy and grow in sales. Its processes in place makes you to stay competitive and to take your market share. It is amazing to note that developing countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, and Colombia are organizing international seminars on the latest developments in marketing management, once the developed countries like the US, the UK, and Japan were used to do so. In simple terms it’s meeting customer needs profitably on the right track. The central and eventual goal of any company is customer satisfaction and the return of revenue. The marketing management of a company is to deal with the selling and popularity of its products among its customers. Ideally, a  company wants to position its brand to be perceived as the leader in ” Quality & Performance”. It’s important to find out the  best ways to reach out to customers and grow in sales. To this achieve this major business objective streamline the way a business builds relationships with customers and connects the products and services with the benefitting  people . Help company develop its identity and build a consumer base to optimize target audience. Its increases brand awareness, boosting profits, or entering previously untapped markets and optimizing internal processes of a company. The right processes ensure it reaches target market via the right channels at the right time. Marketing management can take business from average to profitable. Positioning Is Important in Marketing Management Positioning means showing how our product or service is better than others. Marketing helps the company achieve its goals by making sure customers get what they need. It’s all about making sure the company and the customer both benefit when they trade goods. Marketing Management Refers Setting goals and planning marketing strategies. Creating and managing marketing campaigns to make people aware of products. Keeping an eye on marketing activities and making sure they’re on track. Studying competitors closely to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Checking the performance of our brand and looking at how profitable it is. Making smart decisions to reach our marketing goals. Keeping an eye on how much of the market we have. Managing the budget for marketing and adjusting as needed. Keeping track of progress using data and customer feedback. Making changes to the marketing plan based on what’s happening in the market. Essential Elements of marketing management Excellent Goal-setting When marketing management, it’s important to set goals that make sense and can be reached, and then plan out when you want to achieve them. Managing marketing also means knowing what makes customers buy things in our market, and coming up with a plan based on that. These goals should help with sales, budgeting, and building our brand. Proper Coordination To make marketing work well, business owners come up with a clear plan. They work together with leaders, creative teams, and staff who deal directly with customers. They spread their message across various places like online, social media, and ads to make their brand known. Market Research Market research is important to understand what people want to buy and why. It helps businesses figure out what’s popular and what challenges they might face. This involves looking at customer info, economic trends, and what other businesses are doing. It helps decide on things like prices and promotions to get more customers. Sustained Relationship-building A good marketing plan helps a company connect with customers by sharing its values. It brings in new customers and keeps old ones coming back for more. This happens by using things like online posts, social media, and connecting with professionals. Valuable Idea generation Great marketing adapts to changing market trends. Focus on creating new products and services on the basis of market research and analysis.  It will help to stay relevant to their audience or re-brand their business to reach a new niche. The 4 Ps of Marketing Management The four Ps of marketing are, Product Price Promotion Place These are the key factors  in a winning “marketing mix”. It  communicate to consumers that a right product or service to the public and the product is priced appropriately. Promotion  activities like advertising, public relations, and the overall media strategy are used for introducing this product. The term place refers the product in the right place to get the attention of the target consumers.  It will reach the right audience with the right message.

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Top 10 Coconut Water Benefits for Skin

Coconut Water Benefits for Skin There are always lot of high-end, expensive products are available in the market to keep our skin healthy. Using natural remedies is the best choice also it is an long term  solution to keep our skin healthy. One of the natural remedies is using coconut water for skin. The coconut water can be used as a natural replacement for other artificial skincare products or medical treatments. Coconut Water benefits for skin has become a more popular health trend in recent years. Nowadays coconut water benefits for skin has become increasingly more popular in the world due to its rich amount of vitamins, minerals content. And also Coconut Water benefits for skin of It’s hydrating, detoxifying properties are great. The coconut water has a good amount of beneficial effect on our skin, hair, and body. Versatility of Coconut water Coconut water is a clear liquid. One of the factor for coconut water’s popularity is its versatility. Coconut water is more than just a drink and it has a variety of healthy properties. Some of the Coconut Water benefits for skin are listed below It is naturally sweet and healthy alternative to sports drinks and soda. It is famous for its refreshing taste. It has good medicinal properties. The direct consumption of coconut water may help boost vitamin, electrolyte, and mineral levels in the body, increasing hydration for your body. It is also low in calories, carbohydrates, It is an appealing choice for health-conscious consumers. It can be added to smoothies, cocktails and also in cooking meals, like coconut rice. It offers major benefits when directly applied topically to the skin. It is a great beauty ingredient. Coconut Water For Skin – A Great Idea. Coconut Water benefits for skin are really amazing. Coconut  water  benefits for skin is well recognised for its hydrating and moisturizing benefits. This is due to the presence of abundant amount of natural vitamins and minerals. Coconut water can be applied topically on the skin. Drinking coconut water enhance skin health, offering a natural and effective solution for various skin concerns. Coconut water can be consumed directly as food and also can be directly applied to our skin. Both are beneficial in many ways.The studies done on topical application of coconut water for skin reveals the following benefits Enhance Natural Glow. – Give Skin A Visible Glow and Increase Skin Hydration and Elasticity Coconut water helps in hydrating and moisturising our skin also give our skin a natural glow. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes that keeps ourselves properly hydrated. It hydrate our skin to overall improved health that can translate to our skin. Staying hydrated is crucial to avoid adverse dry and  itchy skin effects A good balance of electrolytes in the body keeps us properly hydrated. It helps in the replenishment of lost fluids and minerals during exercise. The list of electrolytes is as below Sodium potassium calcium Magnesium Tightening Our Pores Coconut water will help in tightening our pores. Freezed coconut water cubes can be rubbed on our face every time we cleanse our face. It will help in tightening our large and open pores. It act as a refreshing toner, helping to soothe and balance the skin’s pH levels. It will help in minimising our open pores. Nourish and Moisturize Dry Skin Coconut water nourish and moisturize dry skin when applied topically, because it contains multiple sugars and  amino acids.( According to Dr. Marie Hayag, New York City) Coconut water helps to nourish and moisturize dry skin when applied topically. Multiple sugars and amino acids are present in coconut water. Coconut water rich in electrolytes can penetrate the skin and provides skin with much-needed moisture. Coconut water has cytokinins, which helps to control cell growth and repair damage to cells. Healthy and Soft Skin – Improves Skin Elasticity The vitamin C, K and A in coconut water helps to stimulate collagen production for plumper and healthier-looking skin. Their antioxidants and hydrating properties keep our skin healthy, glowing and soft. It can be used in different facial packs to remove sun-tan. Our adequately hydrated skin remains more plump and lush to maintain a healthy glow. A Natural Face Toner – Improves Skin Tone and Soothes Sunburned Skin. Chilled coconut water acts like a natural face toner and helps in calming down tanned and sunburned skin.  Soothes sunburned skin by providing it with the nutrients the skin needs to facilitate healing. It heal and calm down sun-burnt skin. We can definitely use raw coconut water on our face for a refreshing and a hydrating feeling. It  keep our skin hydrated without excess oil formation. It lighten our skin without irritation or any kind of damage. It protects against sun damage. The Vitamin C of coconut water is a natural skin brightener. This natural face toner also helps in skin lightening Controls Sebum Production Coconut water  is a natural moisturiser. It has astringent properties that control sebum production. It  keeps our skin oil-free and non-greasy. Healing and Preventing Acne – Fights Acne Detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties and lauric acid of coconut water helps in fighting acne issues ( acne scarring, skin pigmentation, or dark patches). We can apply coconut water to heal and prevent our skin from  acne. Removes toxins The deep cleansing properties of coconut water flushes out toxins and other impurities from our skin. It may help to treat eczema (a skin condition that involves skin inflammation, itchiness, swelling and cracked skin). Anti-Ageing Benefits and Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles – Increase Collagen Production The anti-ageing benefits of coconut water helps to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging from our skin. The natural vitamins and minerals in coconut water helps our skin to restore and replenish itself. The specific protein cytokines of coconut water promotes faster cell growth and makes our skin tone even. This cytokine protein keeps your skin looking younger for a long time. The cytokinins reduce the appearance of

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Buy Tender Coconut Water Online in India – 2024

Buy Pure Coconut Water Online Pure coconut water is well known for its  exceptional hydrating abilities and straightforward and pure composition. 100% natural  tender coconut water is extracted carefully from selected tender coconuts and contains no added sugar and no preservatives. It contains all the health benefits that one get from natural tender coconut water and packed using a special treatment. Nowadays it is possible to buy coconut water online from a selective list of brands. The customers can look for brands that align with their taste preferences, packaging convenience, and sustainability values. The best brands of coconut water online will make the customers feeling fulfilled and refreshed. Pure Coconut Water Is A Best Refreshing Alternative to Sugary Drinks Normally the market-available drinks are loaded with sugar and are not 100% good healthy drinks. The  pure coconut water is totally free from sugar and it has a sweet taste by nature. The pure coconut water not only quenches thirst,it also provides essential nutrients to the body. Pure coconut water is a replenishing water with revitalising natural flavour. Pure coconut water is a hydrating alternative, loaded with  electrolytes and it supplys natural electrolytes to  improve overall health. Pure coconut water will give the feeling of fulfilled and refreshed. Pure Coconut Water Is A Great Addition To A Healthy lifestyle The coconut pure water has the best natural cooling properties that can help regulate body temperature and reduce heat stress. The low level of calories in the coconut pure water makes it a best alternative for people trying to manage their weight. Drinking coconut water early in the morning give the feel of fullness for a long time and helps to prevent the habit of overeating. The coconut pure water contains few calories, has no fat, and also no cholesterol. The Coconut pure water is naturally rich in several important nutrients. The Coconut pure water contains important vitamins such as vitamin C and B-complex vitamins, and also minerals like manganese and copper, and antioxidants. These above mentioned nutrients contribute to overall health of people and support various bodily functions. It hepls people to manage diabetes,  to maintain heart health, to control blood pressure effectively, to detox the body and to enhance digestive function. The coconut pure water has essential nutrients with rich electrolytes. The Coconut pure water is rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, and vitamin C, which can help to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. The  consumption of coconut pure water will keep your skin hydrated without excess oil formation. Coconut water is well known for its diuretic (increase urine output) nature. This will help to flush out toxins by way of urine and it also prevents urinary infection. The Coconut pure water is prescribed for recovering cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The regular consumption of coconut pure water might lower systolic blood pressure was revealed in a study conducted by a Bhagya et al. Drinking coconut water at night before bed helps people to sleep better. It provides good psychological effects that helps people to sleep better. ( will relieve the stress, soothe the mind and help the body eliminate toxins outside.) This coconut pure water is a fantastic delicious and healthy drinking option with lot of benefits. People can include this pleasant drink in their everyday  Diet regimen to get benefited from its excellent benefits. Drinking coconut  pure water can help to hydrate body, support electrolyte balance, provide essential nutrients, promote digestive health, potentially improve skin hydration, and contribute to weight management. Particularly for the people living in hot climates, drinking coconut water daily can be a part of a healthy diet. It workouts a lot. Drinking a glass of coconut water before meals, and also after meals  is the best time to drink tender coconut water Drinking 1 liter of coconut water can contribute to  overall nutrients intake of a person in a day. 1 liter of coconut water can help replenish body’s fluid levels and keep hydrated. Different Ways To Enjoy The Crisp Flavour Of Pure Coconut Water. The coconut pure water  can be taken directly from the container. The coconut pure water  can be used as a foundation for the preparation of shakes and smoothies. The coconut pure water  can be mixed into yoghurt, fruit salads, and drinks. These mixes tastes great. The coconut pure water is well known for its  much sweeter and satiating water. The coconut pure water can be used as excellent ingredients in numerous recipes and numerous new ways can be  tried out and discovered to enjoy the crisp flavour of pure coconut water. (especially in mocktails and beverages.) Precautions To Be Taken Before Placing An Order With Coconut Water Online Check the label whether it is labeled as ‘100% coconut water’ or simply as ‘pure coconut water”. The ‘100% coconut water’  indicates that the product contains only the natural liquid from inside coconuts without any additional additives such as added sugars or sweeteners. Check the label thoroughly and ensure that there are no added sugars or sweeteners. The ‘100% coconut water’  is the healthiest coconut water to buy and drink, still it doesn’t contain the same levels of nutrients as fresh coconut. It may contain artificial flavours, sugar and many other additives. Packed liquid product undergoes pasteurisation.  Select the best brand of coconut water Online in India. Compare the different brands with respect to their fat-free, and low in calories and sugar contents. Finally select the best of fat free and low in calories.  Namma Family Pollachi Elaneer Buy Coconut Water Online NOW! Namma family pollachi ilaneer is one of the well known leading Coconut Water Online brands. Within a short span of 2019 to 2023 they become a leading exporters and suppliers in India to the global market with international  standards.  Namma family pollachi ilaneer follows a strict assurance of Quality and service in  Coconut Water Online brands. Pollachi Tender Coconuts are believed to be one of the best in India due to their much

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Tender Coconut Water Near Me in Chennai - Ponnusamy Karthik

Healthy Tender Coconut Water Near Me in Chennai

Tender Coconut Water Near Me Coconut water can be best consumed in fresh condition directly from the coconut if available. The Coconut water can also be consumed from the packaged form at stores. Nowadays there has been a gradual increase in coconut water near me in the world. Some of the coconut water near me are booming in business because of their proper connectivity, excellent packaging and infrastructural facilities. Nowadays people have the great facility of ordering  coconut warer online and  get them delivered at their doorstep. People can enjoy the opportunity to choose best coconut water supply from the list of coconut water near me. The interested people can browse through the list of reputed coconut water near me to fulfill their timely needs.(whenever they are in need of coconut water).  Need Of The Presence Of Coconut Water Near Me Coconut water is a natural refreshing beverage.  It is a pure liquid. Coconut water is generally suitable for everyone. It Offers a boost of energy in every sip and quench the thirst in a natural way. It is a safe drink for most people to consume. It is irresistibly delicious and it is a great summer refresher. it is a great option for replenishing fluids in hot climates. It is very much appreciated for its unique taste and nutritional profile.It is low in calories, fat and It is rich in electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Coconut water got good source of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Tender Coconut water is helpful for easy digestion, good skin health, and supports for best immune system. Coconut water is popular for its hydrating properties and potential health benefits. Coconut water is an excellent natural hydrator. It has high electrolyte content, including potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. It can be used as a beneficial alternative to sports drinks or sugary beverages for replenishing fluids and electrolytes. Tender Coconut water contains several essential nutrients. It is a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and other minerals. Coconut water can serve as a natural alternative to sports drinks due to its electrolyte content.The presence of additional electrolytes and carbohydrates are necessary for prolonged intense exercises. Tender Coconut water is a low-calorie beverage and it is effective suitable option for those watching their calorie intake and very particular about weight loss. It is often enjoyed for its excellent composition and potential health benefits for a healthy lifestyle. Coconut water can also be used as  ingredient in food products preparation for cakes, salsas, juices, mocktails & smoothies.  The Essential Qualities Required For An Ideal Coconut Near Me The ideal coconut water near me should be a known market leader and a good supplier. The  ideal coconut water near me should stay on top of rapidly changing market dynamics & provide their expertise to their clients. The ideal  coconut water near me should be aware of the commercial developments of the nearby areas and proper exposure of coconut near me market to do essential for proper forecasting. The ideal coconut water near me is capable of adopting advanced methods of marketing & innovative tools in packaging. The ideal coconut water near me should be capable of highlighting the ingredients to compose a winning strategy. The ideal coconut water near me should maintain the availability, affordability, and accessibility as main factors to satisfy the need & demand of the nearby areas. So,the ideal coconut water near me  should consider the  affordability of the people in the nearby areas. The ideal coconut water near me should provide  excellent cooperation from the beginning of the customer enquiry to the end of the supply. It will be  highly appreciable. The ideal Tender coconut water near me should ensure availability of coconut water at any point of time irrespective of the seasons. The ideal coconut water near me must provide the accurate information of the following Actual packaging Date The list of ingredients Colour of the product The people have to read the label, directions and warnings carefully before use. Return Policy The people  can make a request for a damaged, defective, incorrect or expired item within 72 hours of delivery. In case of an incorrect item, the replacement can be raised. The replacement/return request is possible only if the item remains in same sealed/ unopened/ unused and in original condition at the time of supply. Expiry Date The packaging date of the product for expiry date must be checked. The List Of Some Of The Coconut Near Me Namma Family Pollachi Ilaneer Namma family pollachi ilaneer is a well known leading exporters and suppliers in India to the global market with the best  quality that  meets  international  standards. Within a short span of 2019 to 2023 they exported tender coconut of value Rs.5.0 crore and they expect   to reach Rs.7.0crore this year. Namma family pollachi ilaneer mainly concentrates on  US, UK, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia with strict adherence to international standards.   Namma family pollachi ilaneer maintains a strict assurance of Quality, Service & On-time delivery. The company is well known  for exporting Daily 5,000 to 5,00,000 high-quality tender coconuts  Namma family pollachi ilaneer have more than 2 k + clients across export business. The company have widespread coconut farms of about 1800 – 2500 acres. The company  have the capacity to  supply up to 50 pieces to 5 Lakhs Tender Coconuts per day. The company supply tener coonuts to markets in its original form without chemical processing. This method helps the product to sustain its original taste. It  makes the consumers enjoy a tasty beverage without sacrificing its nutritional value. The Chairman Mr.Ponnusamy Karthik registered the company name in export business as namma family international company and plans to export  Rs.7.0crore world wide this year. The Chairman Mr.Ponnusamy Karthik retains the good name for its Quality, Service & On-time delivery. Nagoor Andavar Coconut Water Shop The shop is located at Paramesh Nagar, Adambakkam in Chennai. They are woring on all days from 5 a.m to11p.m. Sugarcane Juice & Coconut Water

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